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Terms and Conditions


By using our website, you hereby consent to our terms and conditions.


Visitors should phone the physical shop if wishing to cancel an order. The shop reserves the right to reject this request. This would not affect your status or rights in future orders.

Dietary Requirements

Our chefs will work to the best of their abilities to fulfil any requests made at order but due to all food being prepared in the same kitchen, contamination will be a risk and we cannot be held reliable for any issues caused.


Customers should confirm details of order prior to placing order. In the case that the wrong item is ordered and the customer wishes to change the item, any price differences should be paid in full by the customer.

Refund/Return Policy

If the customer wishes for a refund after receiving the meal, they must bring the full meal back to the physical shop themselves.

Fulfillment Policy

The staff at the shop will prepare and deliver (if required) the order as soon as possible after order is received

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